Monday, April 18, 2011



The purpose of this write up is to bring our case in Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency before the public court of justice.
We are insisting on our right to be represented by our true representative from within. We say no categorically to an offer to service from without because we have many capable hands within Somolu from various political parties that can represent us in the House of Representatives. We therefore reject any attempt to impose on us, a mercenary representative or outside representative no matter from which quarter.
Traditionally Somolu has been represented by prominent indigenes of Somolu. We recall Prince (Hon) Samuel O. Adesida ,we recall Pa. Hon.Stephen Solaja of the blessed memory; we recall Hon. Adeyemi Oluwole and the present incumbent, Hon. Wole Diya.
We are aware that prominent Somolu indigenes like Hon. Wole Diya and Hon .Akeem O. Sulaimon, the present Chairman of Bariga Local Council Development Area, Hon. Adekanola Kuye former Chairman of Somolu Local Government and Hon. Abdul Salawu Dullar contested the primaries for their party before a candidate with an offer from Mushin was imposed on them.
Our struggle in Somolu/Bariga is beyond partisanship. It is about our right to be represented. The right to be represented by one of a people is a sacred right that can not be compromised. This is the essence of our struggle in Somolu/Bariga Federal Constituency.The resistance of the Americans that formed the basis of freedom fighting against British rule that resulted into the creation of the greatest democracy in the world was predicated on the principle of the need to be represented in government.
It is for this reason that we support the candidature of Lukman Adegboyega Bari-Salau of the Labour Party , one of our kind, to represent us at the House of Representatives .Mushin mandatorily has two House of Representatives members and blessed with one member in the Senate, it is therefore unthinkable that the only one seat allocated to Somolu in the House of Representatives would be offered to a usurper from Mushin.
Lukman Adegboyega Bari-Salau was born in Obanikoro, he schooled in Obanikoro Primary School and Baptist Academy and he has lived in Somolu all his life .He knows where the shoe pitches us.
Ade Salau as a lawyer is well equipped and politically sophisticated enough to give us qualitative representation in the House of Representatives.
He has recently demonstrated this possession of qualitative representation when in the aborted April 2, election, the logo of the Labour Party which most people in Somolu/Bariga wanted to vote for was missing from the ballot by INEC’s omission or commission. The slogan of his campaign ‘Somolu 4 Somolu’ and ‘Omo adugbo’ rented the air in protest. Thank God, the election was stopped for some other reasons. And then Adegboyega swung into action. He met Somolu Electoral Officer who confirmed to him that his name and party were missing in the candidates’ list. He later met the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr. A.L. Ogunmola who confirmed the information .Our able representative went to Abuja and worked together with the Labour Party National Chairman to fight the case to make Somolu/Bariga have their choice of candidates and the result was the postponement of the election to April 26, to allow the printing of new ballot papers that will contain the logo of his party, the Labour Party for social justice. That is the type of representative desirable for the people of Somolu and Bariga.

The particulars of candidates for Somolu Federal House of Representatives Constituency as contained in the INEC final list is as follows:

Candidates Gender Party Age Certificates
Ayodeji Jakande M ACN 39 SSCE
Chief Rechard O. Okeowo M ALP 55 BSC
Adefuye R. Adewale M ANPP 52 OND
Chief Philips Nwagbosor M ARP 62 DIPLOMA
George Ayodele Fakoya M CPC 62 ADV. DIPLOMA
Ademola Taiwo Sowole M DFPF 50 B. TECH
Degboyega Lukman M LABOUR 35 LL.B, BL
Constant Banjo M MPPP 60 WAEC
Mrs Adenike Shobajo F PDP 58 DIPLOMA
Oluleye Francis Omobolanle M SDMP DIPLOMA

We want the voters in Somolu/Bariga to look beyond partisan consideration to judge who best look capable to represent them.
We recommend Lukman Adegboyega Salau, one of us. Young and dynamic.
Adegboyega Salau has pledged to bring the people of all parties together. He has pledged to work with the government of Lagos State for the progress of the State because to him the interest of his people in Somolu/Bariga and indeed Lagos State is beyond partisan consideration.
As a candidate, Lukman Salau is in tune with his party , the Labour Party, in its endorsement of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola for re-election as Governor of Lagos State.
We congratulate those who have recently been elected into the House of Representatives in Lagos State . Lukman Adegboyega is a team player and he is ready to work together with them for the progress of the State.
We hereby appeal to the electorate of Somolu/Bariga that as they get to the polling booth and scan through the ballot papers for candidates of their choice for different offices, they should take time to look at the ballot paper for the House of Representatives and vote beyond partisan consideration to vote for a candidate from within , Lukman Adegboyega Salau of the Labour Party. Remember, Omo Adugbo, Somolu 4 Somolu.
Somolu Progressive Movement For Political Justice
This message is approved by Barrister Lukman Ade-Salau.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Necessity for Political Experience in Nigeria Politics

The outrageous ridiculousness of the necessity for a political experience in contemporary Nigeria political jungle is extremely annoying, baffling and heavily on mind this morning of January 1, 2011. This, in my thinking, is an attempt to perpetuate the status quo which has blindly led Nigeria in the wilderness since 1960.
Let’s think about this for aminute: What kind of political experience is necessary to take us to the promise land? Who among all our current political leaders have such experience? And, for God’s sake, why are we still grooping in the dark for the promise land fifty years after independence?
I think there is a positive and negative side to any kind of experience. In Nigeria political context, I will liken a positive political experience to a politician from Lagos traveling to Kaduna and, rightly so, headed northward. The politician, under normal political circumstances, will of course reach his/her destination. Unfortunately, Nigeria has either never had this kind of politician – at least at the executive level – or never allow them (e.g Chief Obafemi Awolowo) to lead us to the promise land.
The negative side of experience can also be likened to a politician from the eastern part of Nigeria trying to get to Kaduna but headed west against everyone’s advice. The politician keeps praying, begging for more time, more patience and more votes in his/her delllusion that one day he/she would miraculously get to Kaduna. Most politicians in Nigeria since 1960, especially those at the executive level, are like this politician.
The two choices we have today, in my opinion, is clearly between those politicians with abundant negative political experience dated all the way back to 1960 (who by the way, have nose-led Nigeria as either military dictators; military dictator turned civilian president; corrupt vice president under military dictator turned civilian president who could not take us to the promised land as almighty dictators but somehow think that they can do so as democratic president) and politicians with vision and sense of direction. I personally will rather bet on politicians with vision and sense of direction and hope for a GOODLUCK!!!

Adesina Akanni