Thursday, March 18, 2010


Col. Ghadaffi’s suggestion that Nigeria should be divided into two countries along religion line is a very interesting idea especially coming from someone who was championing a United States of Africa couple of years ago.

The truth of the matter is that I most likely would have supported this idea if it would solve Nigeria’s political problems. Unfortunately it would not. Islam, radical or not, is a major problem facing the whole world today and Nigeria is not an exception. In fact, if I may be bold without necessarily stepping on anybody’s toes, I dare say that the only true Islamic religion is the orthodox Islam or the so called radical Islamists/Terrorists.

By its nature, Islam has no tolerance for any other religion unless it subjugates it through some sort of special tax imposed on the so called Infidels, convert the Infidels or just out right kill them like they are doing in Jos. Make no mistake, there is nothing like separation of religion and State in Islam. You are either with them or against them.

I think many Hadditt, Traditions and especially Surat 9:29 encourages good Muslims to kill the people of the book (Christians), the Jews and other Infidels. Contrary to popular belief, the Terrorists are indeed the true Muslims according to Quaran. There is nothing like a moderate Muslim!

This is one of the reasons why I would have supported Col. Ghaddafi’s Idea if I am sure it would solve our political problems. But the fact is that if we cannot live together as one nation irrespective of our religious affiliation, I don’t see how we can get along as two independent countries (Muslims and Christian) living as neighbors. We definitely will have another Israel/Palestine controversy in West Africa.

More can definitely be said on this issue but my hope is that my little comment would generate an honest discussion of this issue. And apart, I just cannot let this one go without saying anything about it.

Adesina Akanni

Thursday, March 11, 2010



After two years of absence from our beloved country, especially from Lagos State, I arrived here at the end of November, 2009. It is a joy to have witnessed some good transformations of this great city under your present administration and perhaps as a continuation of Asiwaju two terms of administration in which you were a part.
Much of what we have heard and read over the internet and from other tourists became a truth assessment of your efforts to transform the state into a true 21st century modern state.
Without any window dressing, one is able to see that major streets are clean, citizens order of life are taken shape? When Garbage collection
becomes a rare gift to this great city, hope on minor ailments disappearing among population is heartening.
From the grape vine, we learnt you have already paid off for renovation of that Eye-Sore apartment complex housing the Doctors in Lagos Island to give room for lofty project of a new building befitting Doctors residence.
With so many projects been undertaken but not completed, Lagosian are waiting patiently, for total transformations of both the Island and the Mainland however, more projects can be put in place without too much strain on the state budget.
Two years ago, I left a write-up for the control of flood within metropolitan Lagos to a friend who promised to put same to your attention. Hopefully the write-up would have been read and digested by your staff. If they failed to bring this to your notice, it would be well advised to call for a copy of the well written paper.
In a sprawling lowland city like Lagos, we don't wait to put things in order during rainy seasons; we need to prepare for flood devastation during dry season. All these were spelled out within my write-up.
On side streets, the Local Government Councils are a total failure. When these inner city streets are nothing to write about, citizens will wave aside any chorus of Government achievements. Most major streets are always congested because the side streets are in a sorry state. Any Local Council Chairman that records the highest worst interconnected streets are not fit to return to their offices in the next election. Any chairman who had completed more than two terms should be given another assignment.
On Mass Transit, if you can re-examine Jakande administration papers to move more than a million citizens back and forth daily using overhead or underground rails, please consider it a good project as it is done in all mega cities in the world.
In a city like Lagos, five years should be enough to take stock of projects such as fly-overs, New Bridges and additional access Roads. If you take a ride with your Engineers, the Surveyor General and some of your staff to survey Lagos through the Air and challenge them to produce a blue print for fly-overs and bridges you will come up with infrastructures, that will transform Lagos in tandem with other developed cities of the world. When you call a world press conference to unveil your projects, you will be attracting investments and Loans to accomplish such.
Most drainages in Lagos are constantly blocked after rainy seasons; award of contracts to clear these drainages and instant collections of the mess will create more jobs for the unskilled workers as done by Governor Maruwa during his tenure with this type of letter written by me challenging his administration.
Sir, citizens should not live like the residents of Abeokuta Street, ltire by Pako Bus Stop. The current state of that street belongs to the 18th century rural Lagos.
The talk of the town here and outside the country has given credence to a befitting 2nd term. Assessment of your achievements, the stance for a constant maintenance culture, evidence of a new look as regards cleanliness, a transformational environment warranting a smile on Lagosian
faces couple with more positive looks for tomorrow lean heavily to invite you to pick up another four years for a second term.
Run Fashola, run for four more years.
Yours sincerely,