Sunday, March 22, 2009

OBAMA - The Compromise The American Plutocrats Are Ready To Make

The dictum is whoever dictate the diameter of one’s knowledge also control the circumference of one’s progress. My apology and respect to the wise man –whoever he is- who coined this pertinent truism which is especially relative to the condition of people of African descend all over the world and particularly in the United States.

The same kind of plutocrats who were the evil genius behind the tactic that was used in the colonial Africa where many different unrelated tribes were amalgamated to form independent countries in order to divide and control the minds of African leaders are currently behind the approval of the election of Obama as the first ‘African-American’ president of the United States in order to marginalize the original descendants of the African slaves’ political progress in the United States. Make no mistake, had Obama been a direct descendant of the African slaves formerly called Negroes, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; he would either have been short dead or definitely stopped from making it to the presidency.

These plutocrats are very few in number but assert a great influence on the American politics through their tight grip on the Nation’s economy. They owned all the major mass media, educational institutions, banks and even the federal reserve bank of the United States. They have been behind every major political and economic decision in America since the foundation of the union which probably explains why, according to Michael Parenti in one of his speeches on the hypocrisies of capitalism, seven out of the first nine presidents of United States were slaves’ owners.

I read somewhere long time ago that the first time the term “WHITE” was ever used to define a group of people was in the United States as a tool to maintain the subjugation of the African slaves. I believe that the intention of the evil genius was beyond that of subjugation. I think it was intended as a kind of juxtaposition of the white color and the black color and to claim all the attributes of the connotation of “WHITENESS” which include godliness, goodness, pure, holy and cleanliness and then assign all the attributes of the connotation of “BLACKNESS” which includes evil, dirty, useless and pathetic to the slaves and their descendants in order to set one race against the other.

In other words, they did not classify themselves and the slaves as “WHITE” and “BLACK” because of the color of their respective skin but because of an intended misconceived notion of their respective characters. Unfortunately, they have been feeding this nonsense for centuries to the innocent Americans especially those of Caucasian descend and have become part of our language and culture ever since; after all, language is an extension of culture. There was a time in American history when the descendants of the slaves tried to inject positive connotation to the word “BLACK” through phrases like “Black Power” and “I am black and proud”, but I think that the damage has already been done to most Americans!

It is almost as if they have some kind of natural hatred for the African slaves and their descendants so much that they started the civil war over the abolition of slavery and blamed it on states’ right issues – that is, states’ rights to own slaves; these evil genius are directly or indirectly, behind the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.

The disgruntled descendants of African slaves got tired of such derisory phrase like ‘Negroes’ and opted for the term ‘African-American’ as an expression of their affinity to the mother land.
The evil genius hijacked this phrase and with the help of their mass media ‘miseducate’ the American people and, as if out of some altruistic motives, grouped all people of African descend in America, whether descendants of slaves or not, under the umbrella of ‘African-American’ and claimed to do this evil thing for goodness sake as a ‘divine burden’, while their true intention was to ostracize the real descendants of the slaves from attaining the promise of Thomas Jefferson: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
I said the American plutocrats have some kind of natural hatred for the descendants of the slaves because, while it is true that the plutocrats have exploited all races throughout American history for their own personal gains, it is only the collective African-Americans (often mistakenly thought of as the descendants of the African slaves) who are often ‘accidentally’ short forty to hundred times like wild animals by the agents of these evil genius who camouflage themselves as police officers and still found not guilty by the jury of their pairs in the twenty-first century America!

Unfortunately the majority of Americans, especially and pathetically the Africans who are now American residents and citizens have been brain-washed by these plutocrats into believing that their brothers and sisters who are the descendants of the slaves are bunch of lazy and useless sub-human beings who are not capable of seizing the opportunities that America provides. The fact, however, is that Africans who are residents and citizens of America are given more opportunity and respect than their counterpart brothers and sisters of the slaves in order to keep all of them divided and controlled by the plutocrats. We have all been bamboozled again and again!

I am not trying to excuse some of the shortcomings of our brothers and sisters of the slaves, for there are so many, but I am saying that we should put these shortcomings in context of their prior and continual experience of raping of their mothers, sisters and children by their Caucasian masters; striping off the essence of their humanity by selling off their husbands, wives, children and even new born babies like pieces of properties; Lynching their sons for looking at Caucasian women; tying them to the back of trucks and dragging them to their death mainly because they have dark skin – like they did recently in Texas; and racially profiling them so that they can be locked up or even put on death role for crimes they probably did not commit. What kind of people can go through this kind of excruciating experience without developing some kind of malady?

Let us remember that these brothers and sisters of the slaves, though less than thirteen percent of the American population (depending on whether the census include people like me who is a naturalized American citizen), have influenced the whole world more than any minority in recent history! In addition, had it not been for the civil right movement initiated by these brilliant brothers and sisters of the slaves, most of Africans who are American residents and citizens today would not have made it.

I personally campaigned and voted for Barrak Obama because he is a very intelligent and competent man but so are many descendants of the slaves who are prevented and even killed for attempting to be the president of the United States. I am sure that Obama is cognizant of the compromise made by America through the underground works of the evil genius. They, after over four hundred years, finally succumbed to the contradiction of what America was supposed to stand for when the absurdity of the reality became overwhelmingly obvious, allowed the first Black or African-American to be the President of the United States!

Now they are saying that African-Americans (meaning the descendants of the slaves) have no more excuses of racism to prevent them from the American dream. They are saying that African-Americans are finally completely free because of the election of Obama. I say what good is freedom if one spends so much of one’s life fighting to protect it while one does not have any time to enjoy it. What kind of freedom is that?

The plutocrats have put our brothers and sisters of the slaves in a very sad predicament with this political maneuver. They have put shackles on their ankles and enter them in a rat race which they can never win because of their shackles and then turn around and blame them for not winning! They say if Obama can do it, you can do it too and if the slaves’ descendants tried to point to the fifty percent Caucasian advantage of Obama, they are immediately accused of saying that Obama is not black enough! Listen, what do we exactly think it means for the slaves’ descendants to be black if they, being black, are ready and willing to accept President Bill Clinton as the first black president of United States before Obama was elected?

I personally think that is exactly why the plutocrats allowed Obama to be the first African-American president of the United States in the first place; they did not want somebody black enough like the slaves descendants who have had the experience of perpetual atrocities committed against their kind. This again is the tactic of divide and rule; the dictators of the diameter of our knowledge are controlling the circumference of our progress.

Adesina Akanni


  1. This is a different and disturbing angle of looking at our political evolution. I must confess that I am somewhat uncomfortable with your article but there is some sense of reality to it. We all need to do a deep soul searching
    John Mark

  2. I totally agree with you; the same plutocrats are responsible for the current economic crisis. The are evil people! They all need to be locked up. Thx

  3. It kind of make some sense to me now; that would probably explain why Tiger Woods, Hally Berry and a host of other blacks who are mixed with oither races are given the public exposure or acknowledgement while the the descendants of the slaves who are equally qualified are put in the back burner. Tiger Woods, Hally Berry are very good in their own rights; I just wonder how many jet black looking descendants of the slaves are denied the same opportunity. Thanks for your insight.


  4. I agree with Kisha a whole lot of us blacks are ignored in many ways to them light skin people of mixed race. We just as good as them even better. Thanks