Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Somebody refer to America as United States of Amnesia and I, being an American, tend to agree very much with such characterization. We tend to forget the past so quickly and point the accusing finger at whoever is in charge at the present. President Obama inherited a lot of garbage from George Bush’s administration; so much that it would take, at least, more than 1 year to fix. President Obama has started well despite many oppositions from the Republicans who are determined to see the so-called “first black president” fail. My only advice to President Obama is that he needs to wake up and smell the coffee; the Republicans will never support his radical Idea of CHANGE!!! That is what is called Conservatism – the unwillingness or inability to change!!! As for the disappointed Obama’s supporters, all I can say is that you need to hang on – American Political System is not a microwavable system. I will give President Obama an “A” for the courage to make a CHANGE. YES WE CAN!!!!!

Adesina Akanni

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