Thursday, March 18, 2010


Col. Ghadaffi’s suggestion that Nigeria should be divided into two countries along religion line is a very interesting idea especially coming from someone who was championing a United States of Africa couple of years ago.

The truth of the matter is that I most likely would have supported this idea if it would solve Nigeria’s political problems. Unfortunately it would not. Islam, radical or not, is a major problem facing the whole world today and Nigeria is not an exception. In fact, if I may be bold without necessarily stepping on anybody’s toes, I dare say that the only true Islamic religion is the orthodox Islam or the so called radical Islamists/Terrorists.

By its nature, Islam has no tolerance for any other religion unless it subjugates it through some sort of special tax imposed on the so called Infidels, convert the Infidels or just out right kill them like they are doing in Jos. Make no mistake, there is nothing like separation of religion and State in Islam. You are either with them or against them.

I think many Hadditt, Traditions and especially Surat 9:29 encourages good Muslims to kill the people of the book (Christians), the Jews and other Infidels. Contrary to popular belief, the Terrorists are indeed the true Muslims according to Quaran. There is nothing like a moderate Muslim!

This is one of the reasons why I would have supported Col. Ghaddafi’s Idea if I am sure it would solve our political problems. But the fact is that if we cannot live together as one nation irrespective of our religious affiliation, I don’t see how we can get along as two independent countries (Muslims and Christian) living as neighbors. We definitely will have another Israel/Palestine controversy in West Africa.

More can definitely be said on this issue but my hope is that my little comment would generate an honest discussion of this issue. And apart, I just cannot let this one go without saying anything about it.

Adesina Akanni


  1. It is unbelievable that human beings can degenerate to a point of insanity.I thought one can do business with such a man,now I know better.How can you draw a line between a christian nigerian and a moslem within such an intricate web of mixed religion?The North might be predominantly Islamic in their believe, Gowon and others are true christians and they are Northerners.To the south, East and west are known for their freedom in excersising what they believe in.Unfortunately for Nigeria it was CIA that predicted disintegration of Nigerian nation in 15years and that was a decade ago.The buffoons that we have as leaders are the ones leading us to the edge of the cliff.The main problem at hand is both economic and lack of proper education.The Fulanis herdsmen where ever they are do not have any means of other livelihood except their Cows tending.Quantify this monentrely,you will have billions of dollars as their worth.Create a fund both for thier property and for their education,then use the federal might to erradicate herdsmanship,our problem would be half solved.Halve -hearted individuals like Gadaffi are nonetity ,the only good riddance on their pronoucements will be to gather intellectuals to brain storm on our plight for solution.That was what Papa Awolowo singlehandedly did throughout his life on this planet.Let Gaddaffi continue to subjugate his fellow citizens,afterall he has killed more Africans passing through his enclave to Europe in search of better life.

    O. Almaroof

  2. Warning, this web link below is very hard to look at. Will God not judge those who did this? Obviously, they didn't do this in the name of the same God of the Universe that I serve. Though, God said, "vengeance is mine," I crave very much for vengeance on those who did this on behalf of these innocent people. I'm very sorry about my emotions!!
    B. Sadik

  3. Even when Animals kill they do not kill wantily.they kill for food and return another time only when they are hungry.Those who did this will in no doubt pay for their sins one way or the other on earth or in death.The Lord is a patient Lord.

    O. Almaroof