Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now that President Y’aradua is dead one wonders what is next for Nigeria. I believe that PDP is still under the presidential rotational system which was a kind of gentle man’s agreement within the party members which will allow a candidate from the North to hold on to the presidential position for another term. I have always considered the rotational system as undemocratic to say the least. This system will obviously exclude President Goodluck from contesting next year election and put Babangida, the former ‘military president’ – oxymoron to say the least - on a good footing to lead PDP for the next election.

Some people are already suggesting that President Goodluck should assume an overseer position over the next year election in order to prevent chaos or tampering with the constitution. I, of course, disagree. I believe that the rotational system should be eradicated and Nigeria should be opened to a true democratic environment where new young political faces from all over Nigeria should have the chance to take Nigeria away from people like Babangida. May be we will have someone like Obama. I think it is high time Nigerians stop recycling their old politicians who have brought nothing but disgrace and shame to Nigeria since independence.

In fact, I think any person who has led Nigeria in the executive capacity under military regime should be banned from contesting for any executive position in today’s Nigeria politics. What can they really do for Nigeria under a democratic system that they could not have done as military dictators? They should be banned!!!

I would think that the issue of selecting the vice presidential candidate in any rational and well thinking nation would be based on the compatibility of political issues and ideas between the presidential candidate and his/her choice for vice presidential position for the sake of continuity in political agenda and promises made to the voters and not based on political convenience. It is only in Nigeria where a president would appoint a political enemy to be his vice president because it is politically convenient. That is why People like Obasanjo - a military dictator turned politician – appointed Atiku as his vice president and the late President Y’aradua – a brother of another military dictator – appointed the present President Goodluck as his vice president. What kind of thinking is that? This will suggest that these presidential candidates are not interested in the betterment of Nigeria in the first place. They are only interested in power. Pure and simple. Nigeria cannot be better off without political continuity.

Finally, my condolences go to the family of the late president Umaru Y’aradua. He was a good young man who, according to some people, started as the ex-president Obasanjo’s puppet but later came to his own by having enough guts to dare to have some bone of contention with Obasanjo. Though, like his predecessors, the so dubbed ‘Baba Go Slow’ was unable to rescue Nigeria economy from the strong clutch of oil and small elite through diversification. I believe he would have been a better president had fate given him good health and more time. May God help and bless Nigeria.

Shina Akanni

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  1. What is democracy if it is devoid of democratic ideals?The art of banning candidates an election boycott regardless of the situation should be discourage at all costs.Banning a candidate either due to age or previous activities except if one has been convicted of a crime is not in the Nigeria constitution.Your premise to encourage the youngs and the brilliant individuals to contest for executive offices in Nigeria elections is part of democratic ideals,Zonning however is only the gentlemans agreement within PDP party.It is left for Jonathan to respect or reject his party dictates.Unfortunately, though, other Parties are considering adopting same.That is cash22 for us O.R.Almaroof