Monday, June 7, 2010


Guv, Na how u dey? U must dey Kanpe as OBJ would like to say; why don’t we organize a dinner night for u to crack u up for a night. I will fly in to stand up and poke fun on those who do not appreciate your efforts. I am sure you are not doing bad in empowerment of Lagosians; we always come across some of those in Yankee city with real bread as against professional struggle with nothing to take home after Uncle Sam’s heavy taxes. Never mind there is nothing u can do about that especially with porosity of government. 2011 IS HERE. What are u going to do? Someone said u do not care about those buffoons, ouch! Well I said is comedy time. Babangida is contesting never mind is consultative Babs. I started calling who is who in Nigeria for him, that is omoeko for u nothing gain nothing lost. Did u read my article on Maryam Babangida and Hospitals written by me as eulogy for IBB’s late wife? Read, please, from our blog site; Read the article I wrote titled NIGERIA NEEDS HELP written last year June and compare my take on the treaty to be signed in USA this week. The chief national security adviser to Jonathan is sending emissary around that he wants to contest the presidency too, he is not a politician like u and me: ouch comedy time, u are a governor I am a professional and Gussau is in government but if u are not a politician u will not clinch Lagos first citizen but u are a professional too hence u let them get away with too much. Among IBB and Gussau who will win? Let us here your take: work and no play? Guv/That FLOOD will hit u hard like u have never seen before trust me. No photo up of u going about inspecting the suspected worst areas over the years. Few examples: Oshodi Oke going to international airport; Front of palace hotel in Lagos; Surulere marsa area and oworonsoki where the downtrodden folks live. What is live anyway if full of care, no time to stand and stare. That drainage spanning through Mafoluku to Oshodi and Isolo-way emptying into a creek before going to the Lagoon can be a perfect photo up for u and your commissioner of environment. Thank God we misread u on change of cabinet; you see, we read too much into speculation. Sometimes politics is smacked of SOAP OPERA AND COMMEDY.


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