Monday, December 27, 2010


There is no evidence yet that there will be a reprieve of energy need for Nigerians. The Generators are still been imported daily, even Governor Fashola came out with his own innovation – lighting the Streets with Monster Generators!! What can he do? The Federal Government is not forthcoming to alleviate the pains of the masses. Diesel oil is still eating deep into the less than 18,000 Naira minimum wage.

China needs the Coal and the Crude oil for her energy guzzling plants to supply much needed energy for more than 1 billion population. So, wherever coal is available, be it in Australia or Enugu, it must head to China. Britain and other developed nations will pay any amount to secure Nigeria’s Sweetest Crude, regardless of the looting when the euro or dollars get paid.

Though, 80% of French energy need is supplied by her numerous Nuclear Power Plants, Nigeria crude oil must still be imported into France at all costs. Nigeria doesn’t need her crude oil for domestic consumption as such; hence foreign currency must be exchanged for the oil!!!

A friend left New York City for three weeks vacation in Lagos, stayed in an apartment complex with his brother in Lagos; the third night he almost ran into the street holding his head which was about to burst open with noises coming from between 6 and 8 Generators in the building. Buddy ran to his Mother-In-Law at Abeokuta so he can have at least a good sleep for a night or two.

There is no evidence yet that much needed education would be available to those kids in the North who are lagging behind their peers in the South. Secondary and Tertiary educations are still not well funded by all sections of Government.

On page 202 of Path to Nigerian Greatness, Papa Awolowo, our late iconic sage wrote: “It is only a senseless and miserly fool who will pile up savings in the Bank and allow …” (his citizens to starve of much needed energy) – words in bracket are mine. Similarly it is a criminal breach of trust to allow the beneficiaries to suffer acute hunger when the “earned money from oil revenue or revenues from other resources are more than enough to care for the ‘citizens of Nigeria.” Furthermore it is callous and anti-social not to provide adequate security, shelter and food for all citizens.”
It is the opinion of this writer that had enough adequate provision been made available for all citizens such as shelter, adequate transportation and mass production of food; the case against minimum wage of 18,000 Naira could have been accepted. An average Nigerian spends so much money on diesel for lighting and for preservation of food. Securing a job to earn any amount to sustain life becomes a herculean task for Graduate and jobless Nigerians. What provision has the Federal Government at Abuja made for ordinary citizens without any income? The plantain seller, peasant farmers and ‘Gbugburu and Groundnut Sellers’ deserve a better life as well as Senators and State Legislators.

When Government of advanced society made provisions for compulsory savings for employees of public and private companies, when adequate provisions are made to educate their teaming populations, their system still lack adequate perfection.

By advocating for a special fund to be set aside for a projected two hundred million Nigerians, one has taken into consideration a needed innovative approach to transform Nigeria’s society against the normal norms of economic theory and practicality. When corruption embodies our polity; when looting continues unabated among elected Nigerian Government Officials from local officials to State and Federal Government, even under the watchful eyes of EFCC; what more can one salvage for the masses.

A special fund holdings in millions as suggested in the first edition of this magazine, to cover a projected Nigerian population (of 200 million) can pay for compulsory Primary school education, Technical and/or Secondary education up to and including College and University education; providing also for adequate shelter and health related insurances. When Economists talk of loans for small businesses, start up grants for people who cannot get a job or are unskilled individuals they never work us up to the reasons why these problems exist in the first place.

If Pap Awolowo were to be alive today, he would have solved the problems of the Delta people, without of course any blood bath as we are witnessing at this moment.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Written by Olatunji Almaroof, DDS
New York, U.S.A.

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