Saturday, March 30, 2013


After the late chief Oluwole Awolowo is buried and the celebration of his journey on earth, there should be no apathy to the thoughtful resuscitation of UPN party. For the memory of the Sage late Obafemi Awolowo and to the memory of (unbreakable) the epitome of the goodness of humanity, and a philanthropist, we should all be ready to give to the generality of Nigeria and the younger generations to come a befitting organization in the name of UPN. The past Nigeria governments, local, state and federal are culpable to the killing spree on Lagos-Ibadan expressway. For years Nigerians cried without anyone minding our tears on the necessity to rehabilitate that road. Now the road has claimed another life in the name of evangelist Oluwole Awolowo. We surely mourn his passing and may his good soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. But let it be clear that we will take this monumental loss to heart, do all that are possible to bring forth a good party and a good government via this UPN. All AWOIST arise and be called to duty for your motherland. O compatriots for that which is good for Nigeria join us. By Dr. Olatunji Almaroof


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  2. It is my belief that the death of Chief Oluwole Awolowo is a divine mandate for the Resurrection of the Unity Party of Nigeria. Here is the opportunity for the so-called Awoists and all other patriotic Nigerians who truly believe in free qualitative education, free qualitative medical benefits and especially equal opportunity for every child irrespective of their parents' economic background to join the new UPN. Chief Oluwole Awolowo's death - as excruciating as it is to every patriotic Nigerian and especially the so-called Awoists who are scattered like sheep without Shepard in different political parties of wolves with different and sometimes contradictory political agendas - should not be allowed to daunt the Awoism that was supposedly somewhere deep rooted in our souls. This death has given us another chance to work even harder toward realizing the unbreakable dream of the old UPN for the sake of our children.